Marty Robbins - Man Walks Among Us

Few people have done more to keep Western music alive than Marty Robbins has. In a time when all Country musicians were being urged to cross over to pop or be doomed to obscurity, Marty did it all and in the process gave us some of the finest Cowboy music ever produced. He was a prolific songwriter and a spellbinding entertainer who cared deeply for his heroes, who were always Cowboys.

If you're a fan of Marty's music and his wonderful trail songs, this album's your ticket. Besides the definitive "El Paso," this album is loaded with Cowboy Classics like "San Angelo," "Big Iron," "The Master's Call," and "The Cowboy in the Continental Suit." You'll enjoy the sound of digitally remastered originals and detailed liner notes that faithfully tell Marty's story.

Tracks contained on the CD:

1 Song of the Bandit
  2 The Fastest Gun Around
  3 The Master's Call
  4 Hanging Tree
  5 Mister Shorty
  6 My Love
  7 Tumbling Tumbleweeds
  8 Way Out There
  9 Man Walks Among Us
  10 The Bend In The River

11 San Angelo

  12 Chant Of The Wanderer
  13 Riders In The Sky

14 El Paso

15 Big Iron

16 The Cowboy In The Continental Suit

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