Best of the Real West

This album is a collection assembled by Real West Productions, who has put together an all-star cast of Western entertainers that range from traditional to modern.

Whether it's the quiet dedication of Michael Martin Murphey, the traditional twin fiddles and pedal steel of Joni Harms, the versatility of R.W. Hampton, the sincerity of up-and-coming artist Brenn Hill, or the hard-edged independence of Cowboy Nation, there's something here for everyone. The liner notes give you a good snapshot of where all these wonderful entertainers come from and which trail they're ridin' down. Come ride with us and enjoy some great music along the way.

Tracks contained on the CD:

  1 Michael Martin Murphey - Carolina in the Pines

2 Brenn Hill - Call You Cowboy
  3 Joni Harms - After All

4 R.W. Hampton - Back Home to Lisa

5 Cowboy Nation - Cowboy Nation
  6 Brenn Hill - Fall Comin' On

7 Joni Harms - Every Cowgirl's Dream

8 R.W. Hampton - Adobe Walls
  9 Cowboy Nation - Cowboy Way

10 Michael Martin Murphey - Cowboy Logic

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Compact Disc

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