Victorinox Swiss Army Knives

Swisstool X with Nylon Belt Pouch

The Swisstool is Victorinox's take on the concept of the multitool with pliers, commonly referred to as the Leatherman tool. Victorinox has improved the tool in many aspects.

Simply put, the Swisstool shines in many areas where the competition just gets the job done. Every tool except for the pliers can be accessed directly without the need to open up the pliers, greatly simplifying operation. Each tool locks in place once it is opened, too. People who use their tools frequently will also come to appreciate the fact that individual springs hold each tool in, preventing other tools from coming out when you open up a given implement.

This Swisstool X is based on the 115mm chassis, and it contains the following features:

- Pliers

- 2mm Blade Screwdriver

- 3mm Blade Screwdriver

- Wire Cutter (Will cut wire up to a hardness index of 40 hrc)

- 5mm Blade Screwdriver

- Bottle Opener

- 7.5 mm Blade Screwdriver

- Large Blade

- Scissors

- Metal File

- Metal Saw

- Wood Saw

- Reamer

- Philips Screwdriver

- Chisel / Scraper

- Strong Crate Opener

- Wire Bender

- Wire Stripper

- Wire Scraper

- Wire Crimper

- Can Opener

- Ruler (230 mm)

- Ruler (9 inches)

- Hard Wire Cutter

- Lanyard Hole

- Nylon Belt Pouch

Item Number: 53936

Price: $149.95

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