Victorinox Swiss Army Knives

Medium Pocketknife Belt Pouch - Black Nylon

This black leather pouch fits Victorinox Pocketknives based on the 84mm Frame as well as the following 91 mm multitools: Altimeter, Altimeter Plus, Angler, Camper, Climber, Compact, CyberTool 29, Deluxe Tinker, Electrician, Electrician Plus, Explorer, Farmer, Fieldmaster, Fisherman, Hiker, Huntsman, Huntsman Plus, Mechanic, Mountaineer, Pioneer, Pioneer Apprentice, Pioneer Harvester, Pioneer Pruner, Pioneer Rancher, Pioneer Settler, Soldier, Solo Alox, Spartan, Spartan Lite, Super Tinker, Timekeeper, Tinker, and Voyager.

Item Number: 33247

Price: $19.95

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