The Desert Caballeros Ride

A Wickenburg tradition for over fifty years, the DC Ride takes place annually in mid-April. The invitation-only trail ride reliably brings approximately 200 riders into town from all over the world. The first ride took place in 1947. It is one of several events that keep Wickenburg "Arizona's Most Western Town."

The ride starts on historic Frontier Street (Old Railroad Street) with the parade. The parade route takes the riders right down Tegner Street (US 93-AZ 89) and right past the front of our store. From there, the riders head out into the desert, where their week-long trail ride takes them on a Northwesterly course up through the Weaver and Bradshaw Mountains. The ride's distance is around 100 miles.

Riders are divided into camps, a tradition that started very early in the ride. The early camps consisted of long-time visitors from the old Dude Ranches. The oldest camps are, fittingly, the Remuda Camp and the Caballeros Camp. Both camps have private websites that are under construction at the moment.

As the ride has grown over the years, it has developed quite a number of traditions and special events. Some of these activities vary from camp to camp, while others are open to all riders. Trap shoots, racing, and other cowboy competitions are known to take place on the ride.

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