Soaps, Creams, and Cosmetics

We offer a broad selection of Soaps, Creams, and Cosmetics that we feel are well suited to the rigors of the Western Climates. Feel free to click on the links below to jump to a specific product line. Otherwise, just scroll on down and take it all in.

The Ranch Roundup Line by Rancho Alegre

Camille Beckman

Desert Queen

Desert Spirit

The Ranch Roundup Line by Rancho Alegre

Famous "Rancher's Rescue" products have been keeping stockmen on the job for decades. Their innovative coffee grain soap one of the most capable grime removers on the planet. It even soaks up diesel residue!

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Dust Bustin' Soap


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Creams and Lotions by Camille Beckman

Produced in Idaho, Camille Beckman produces an all-encompassing line of creams, lotions, and cosmetics. Even though it's produced in the rough, tough West, it's much kinder on your skin than the elements out here are.

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Foot Therapy - Citrus Mint - 6 oz Tube



Glycerine Hand Therapy - Camille - 1.35 oz Tube


Glycerine Hand Therapy - English Lavender - 1.35 Oz Tube $6.95

Glycerine Hand Therapy - English Lavender - 4 Oz Jar $13.95

Glycerine Hand Therapy - English Lavender - 6 oz Tube $14.95


Glycerine Hand Therapy - French Vanilla - 1 oz Jar



Glycerine Hand Therapy - French Vanilla - 6 oz Tube



Glycerine Hand Therapy - French Vanilla - 8 oz Jar



Silky Body Cream - Camille - 8 oz Pump Dispenser


Silky Body Cream - English Lavender - 8 oz Pump Dispenser $13.95


Silky Body Cream - French Vanilla - 8 oz Pump Dispenser


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Cosmetics and Fragrances by Desert Queen

Produced in Phoenix, Arizona, from Queen of the Night Flowers, which bloom for only one night a year.

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Desert Queen Body Lotion - 8 Oz Bottle


Desert Queen Perfume - 1.7 Oz Spray Bottle $46.95

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Moisturizing Body Lotions by Desert Spirit

Produced in the heart of Arizona, Desert Spirit puts quality above complexity. Their innovative formula is easy on your skin yet tough enough to keep the sun from scorching your skin.

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Desert Spirit Moisturizing Body Lotion Travel Gift Pack


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