Gail Steiger - The Romance of Western Life

Gail Steiger is Arizona. A frequent guest at our local Cowboy Christmas Poetry Gatherings, Gail has been hopping rocks out here for longer than many of us have been alive, and he tells of the life like nobody else can. He has been featured in the pages of Western Horseman and most recently on the famous A Prairie Home Companion program on NPR. This album provided much of the soundtrack for the superb Ranch Album production.

Tracks contained on the CD:

1 The Romance of Western Life
  2 Moment in Time
  3 Riding on the Wind
  4 A Cowboy's Prayer
  5 Nevada Highway
  6 Right and Wrong
  7 There Aint a Day


8 John and Charlie
  9 Jose Flores
  10 Whistle
  11 My Son


12 Hired Hand
  13 Hail and Fairwell

Item Number: GS-RWL

Compact Disc

Price: $15.95

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