3' X 5' New Mexico State Flag

Commercial-Grade Nylon Construction

This commercial-grade flag measures the standard 3' tall and 5' across. Backed by a heavy canvas heading, full brass grommets, and its sturdy 100% Nylon fabric, this flag will stand up to years of abuse.

Fun Facts About the New Mexico State Flag

The New Mexico flag was adopted in 1920 as part of a project initiated by the Daughters of the American Revolution. For the first fourteen years of statehood, New Mexico had no official flag at all.

The flag was designed by Dr. Harry Mera, an archaeologist, who based it off of the famous Zia sun symbol found at the Zia pueblos. The end product is the sacred Zia symbol done up in the colors of the Conquistadors.

She sacred Zia symbol has four points, which had sacred meaning. It bound "four elements of four" together: Four seasons, four winds, four directions, and four sacred obligations. Some might add that New Mexico is one of the Four Corners states.

In some New Mexico public schools, the Pledge of Allegiance was appended to include: "I salute the flag of the State of New Mexico and the Zia symbol of perfect friendship among united cultures."

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