Indian Heritage Assortment

20 Greeting Cards with 22 Envelopes

This card assortment contains 20 greeting cards. Each has its own unique art on it. The package includes 9 birthday cards, 2 friendship cards, 3 cards for encouragement, one blank notecard, one anniversary card, one get well card, one sympathy card, one wedding card, and one thank you note.

Text of each card


"May all your dreams come true! Happy Birthday"

"Your beautiful heart and untamed spirit are an inspiration to all who know you. Happy Birthday"

"May a guiding light shine upon your path and clearly show the way to peace and love and happiness for you both night and day. Happy Birthday"

"I wish you the mountain's peace, the scented air of pines, I wish that you may always walk beneath a sun that shines. Happy Birthday"

"May the wings of your dreams brush the heavens. Happy Birthday"

"May many joyful blessings be yours today. Happy Birthday"

"It's your day to toss your cares upon the wind and let your spirit run free! Happy Birthday"

"May your day sparkle with golden moments and precious memories. Happy Birthday"

"...may you carry in your heart a sense of adventure, a vision of hope, and a courageous dream! Happy Birthday"


"Many people pass through our lives...but few stay in our hearts as you have stayed in mine. Thinking of you"

"There is a gentleness in your heart that brings joy to all who know you."


"Within your spirit lies all the strength that you'll ever need...Discover its power, rein it in, and it will follow your lead. I believe in you"

"Wishing you peace to soothe your spirit, love to lighten your heart, and harmony to fill your life with happiness."

"The voice of the thunder, the lightning of the sky sing to us...and our spirits take flight. (Indian Saying)"


"May each day you spend together be touched by the spirit of joy, swept by the winds of adventure, and bathed in the golden light of love. Happy Anniversary"

Get Well

" Heard you could use some big medicine! Please Get Well"


"Thinking of you with heartfelt sympathy"


"Wishing you warm and happy years together. Congratulations on your wedding"

Thank You

"Thank you. Each act of thoughtfulness makes the world a kinder, more gentle place."

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